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Monat: November 2020


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine News envoie Bitcoin à un nouveau sommet en 2020

Moderna Therapeutics a annoncé les résultats fructueux des essais de son vaccin COVID-19. Cela a envoyé les actions de la société dans le ciel tandis que Bitcoin a tracé un nouveau record pour 2020. La situation autour d'un éventuel vaccin contre le nouveau coronavirus COVID-19 continue d'évoluer. Aujourd'hui, Moderna Therapeutics, l'une des plus grandes sociétés pharmaceutiques au monde, a annoncé que ses données préliminaires montrent que son vaccin contre le coronavirus est efficace à plus de 94%. Cela a fait monter le cours de son action et les principaux indices, qui se négocient tous dans le vert après l'ouverture du marché de lundi. Ce n'est pas tout, cependant, car le prix du bitcoin est également à la hausse, marquant un nouveau sommet de 2020 au-dessus de 16600 $. Moder...

Doers instead of representatives

Instead of talking to the usual suspects and brightly colored dogs, i.e. well-known investors, advocates and thought leaders, in this documentary you let many of those who have not been the first to be associated with Bitcoin Evolution reviews in the public perception have their say. But they are entitled to this because they are the ones who have been dealing with it for years and sometimes decades, working on its implementation and helping to shape the Bitcoin ecosystem. Somewhat men-heavy, but still great in terms of content. The interview partner The good half an hour offers new, interesting insights into the history of Bitcoin, among other things. From the film description : „The documentary The Digital Rush is about interviewing key figures in the bitcoin ecosystem and docume...

It is possible to break the upward channel of the price of Ethereum if Bitcoin consolidates during the next few days

Bitcoin consolidation would allow Ethereum to double bottom on its BTC pair and possibly break the upward channel on its USDT pair. Last week, Altcoin prices received a significant cut, and investors who had little interest in Bitcoin (BTC) saw the value of their portfolio affected. Initially, Ether's (ETH) price followed Bitcoin higher as the higher rated digital asset broke through the USD 12,000 resistance, but as BTC continued to climb slowly, Ether struggled to convert the USD 400 into support. Ether's loss of momentum and correction in the altcoins has led several cryptomoney traders to tweet that the altcoin season is over and many are citing the bearish price action in the ETH/BTC pair as evidence of this view. Looking at the weekly ETH/BTC chart, traders will notice th...

Mikrostrategia Bitcoin wzrosła o 21 procent, teraz warta ponad 500 milionów dolarów

MicroStrategy Bitcon wart teraz ponad 500 milionów dolarów Prezes firmy jest teraz kryptońskim bykiem. MicroStratgey do przechowywania kryptografii przez 100 lat Przypomnijmy, że firma Business Intelligence MicroStrategy zainwestowała w Bitcoin. W sierpniu i wrześniu kupiła krypto warte 425 milionów dolarów. Wartość krypto firmy wzrosła nawet o 21 procent i wynosi obecnie około 517 milionów dolarów. Wzrost cen Bitcoinów MicroStrategy można przypisać jedynie wzrostowi cen Bitcoinów w ciągu ostatnich tygodni. Cena kryptoidy nadal rosła, osiągając roczny poziom 14 tys. dolarów. MicroStrategy jest jednym z najlepszych graczy. Gwałtowny wzrost cen sprawił, że prezes firmy, Michael Saylor, jest obecnie niezwykle byczy. Teraz twierdzi, że Bitcoin to cyfrowe złoto. RelatedPosts US...